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High conversion, more energy efficient
Two-way cold heat exchange technology, effective energy saving of more than 75%
Saving thousands of electricity bills a year

While the outdoor oxygen-containing air is drawn into the room, the indoor temperature is kept constant, creating a fresh indoor environment.

Air purifiers

Air purifier, oxygen-rich breath new enjoyment

Choose from a variety of styles and enjoy fresh air anytime, anywhere

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High purification, healthier
Effectively remove harmful gases such as bacteria, formaldehyde and benzene
The purification efficiency is as high as 99.95%

The unique silent mode, such as the calmness of the breeze, is almost impossible to feel it at work.

1 hour=650m³

650 cubic meters per hour
Clean air input


Pm2.5 purification era

PM2.5 filtration rate is 99.95%
Leading the industry into the era of PM2.5 net filter


Ventilation systems

Ventilation systems, Smart home new choice

Ventilation system provide diverse solutions for different installation spaces

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Every breath is a new enjoyment!

Black Forest. Fresh air purification products are widely used in homes, schools, banks, hotels,
shopping malls, hospitals, enterprises and other indoor places.

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